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Related post: Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2010 russian gangs sacramento 14:56:59 -0800 (PST) From: Rey Boyd Subject: Rey and Rex Part 3It had been a few weeks since I'd seen Rex and I was missing him madly. I didn't forums nudist russian know when I would have the chance to see him again. We had been calling and e-mailing since his birthday party, but we were desperate to see each other in person again and hold each other again. I had not been to work in awhile because I was in hardcore swim training as russian cum girl we prepared for state championships. I have to admit I loved what the workout of all the top 100 russian xxx swimming was doing for my body! I was leaner and toner than ever!The next Friday, after a grueling swim practice, I rushed home to cam with Rex. As I was booting up my computer, the phone rang. russian nakes girls It was Gwen, who sounded hysterical. Apparently she and her husband had a huge fight a few days before and she asked him to move out of the house."Rey, sweetie, I have a huge favor to voyeur russian com ask you and you russian couple sex can say no if this is too much to ask", pleaded Gwen."What is it?" I replied."I, um, I, well, I was wondering if hot porn russian you could, oh never mind, it is too much to ask" Gwen sobbed."No go on and ask Gwen, I will pics of russian boys help out however I can" I responded."Well, say no if russian news naked you want, but I was wondering if you could come over and watch Rex and Jack tonight" Gwen said timorously."Of course I can", I replied too quickly. "I mean, I am happy to help out if I can", I continued nervously. russian cock sucking "Where is Isabel?" I fuck picks russian stupidly blurted out."She is with her father. She says she wants to live with him" Gwen replied with renewed sobbing."How long do you need russian butt girls me to watch them?" I asked."Well, if you can, I was wondering if you could, oh never mind, it really is too much to ask", russian hottie pictures Gwen said russian pubescent porn stopping herself from asking what she wanted."Gwen, I russian nude girls dana really don't mind. russian gymnasts naked Do you need me to russian boy art nude stay over with them tonight?" I replied hopefully."Oh sweetie, that would be so helpful, you just don't know. I have to go to my sister's tonight and she is in arts girls russian Jonesville about free russian mpegs three hours away. She is taking me to meet with her attorney in the morning. I would take the boys with me, russian naked free but Jack has a soccer game tomorrow and it is his last before the playoffs. He would be so russian imperial easter eggs disappointed to miss it. My friend, Janice, has offered take him to the game in the morning.""Don't worry about it at all, Gwen. My swim meet is not until Sunday. I have practice tomorrow, but Rex can come with if he wants.""Oh you sweet boy, thank you so much! I didn't know who else to ask.""Think nothing of it. I'm sure you have a lot to get ready for russian sex hardcore your trip so I won't keep you on the phone. russian flexable nudes I can be over there in about an hour.""Okay sweetie, thanks again. I owe you big time" russian xporn Gwen replied gratefully."See you in a bit", I said.My heart was beating out of my chest as I drove over to Gwen's cute russian boy house. The same neat, clean brick house that had angry shouts emitting from it the first time I visited and happy shouts the second time I visited, now had a silent stillness. russian nude thumbs Before I could knock on the door, Rex whore russian came running out of the house russian sex nude in his white socks nude russian naturist girls and pjs, which consisted of grey pj pants and a white t-shirt. He hugged me with a mighty force and I hugged back lovingly. I russian sex hotel loved the feel of his warm body pulled hard russian fucking tightly against mine again.He held my hand as we walked russian free tits in the house, which I thought may alarm Gwen, but she didn't even notice as she was busy getting last minute things ready for her trip. She seemed frantic and I felt bad for her. I offered to help, but she declined dismissively. seks russian So I went into the family room with Rex still holding my hand and was greeted with a quick glance and smile from Jack, who was busy playing Spiderman III on x-box. He hairy nude russians pics was still wearing his soccer gear, but had his shoes off and tossed aside. He was wearing a black and yellow jersey, black shorts russian nuudes with yellow lining and long black soccer socks. I noticed how cute he was and how much he looked like a smaller version of Rex, but with a rounder face. He had sandy blonde hair like Rex, but his was very xxx clips russian straight, in a tgp russian sex bowl cut, 2 lesbian russians and he had beautiful brown eyes. I zoned out staring at Jack for a few moments and was snapped back to reality when Rex yanked my hand and nodded his head toward Gwen, who was trying to get my attention."Rey, could you come in here for nude russians mpg a minute, dear" she called from the kitchen. Free russian hardcore porn Rex stay with your hard fucked russian girl brother", she added curtly.I think everything was hitting Gwen hard and all at once so I forgave her bossiness as she gave me directions for the night and russian girls porno morning."Order pizza for you and the boys tonight. The number is programmed in the phone. Here is $100, and there is another $100 emergency fund in the cookie jar on the top shelf of the china cabinet. Tomorrow morning you boys will have to settle for cereal. For lunch, there are plenty of makings for sandwiches, and there is also leftover pot roast russian angel sex pic and macaroni and cheese. Let's see, is there anything else?" Gwen asked herself. "Jack should be in bed by 10:00pm. He has a soccer game in the morning. Janice will pick him up at 9:30am." "Let's see," Gwen continued half talking russian sex nubile to me and half talking to herself, "Rex should be in bed by midnight. Oh, and you can take Izzy-B's room if you want, or I can make up the couch for you. There are blankets and extra pillows in the closet", she continued almost out of breath."Don't worry about anything Gwen. I have everything russian gay escorts under control. russian goth porn We will be fine. You should probably get on the road before it gets too late", I said as I gave Gwen a much needed hug.She melted in my arms, exhausted and upset."Thank you so so much sweetie. I really can't thank you enough", she said breaking away from the hug and walking toward the family room to kiss her boys goodbye."You have my cell number and my sister's number. Call if you need anything", Gwen said as she was finally leaving."We will russian voyeur pics be free russian sex jpg fine. Everything will be fine", I replied reassuringly.She gave me a russian amateur picture post last smile and a quick final kiss for Rex and Jack and she was out the door."PARTY!!!" I said as petite russian girls I headed to the telephone to order pizza. Rex and Jack laughed and gave me their pizza orders.We happily ate pizza, played x-box, popped popcorn and watched movies until Jack fell asleep. I was glad to give them a distraction from all of the upheaval in their lives. I was about to get up to put Jack to bed and I remembered that he didn't have a bath. I heard Gwen specifically tell him to take a bath russian lesbian singers before bed. But, he was sleeping so soundly I couldn't bring myself to wake him."I will just put him in nude russian girls porn bed and maybe he can take a bath in the morning", I thought to myself as I started to get up from the couch.Rex stopped me forcefully by planting a big kiss on my lips as I instinctively opened my mouth to let in his tongue. Passion overcame me as we kissed deeply, then I abruptly pulled away and nodded my head toward Jack who was asleep on the end of the couch (Rex was in the middle and I was on the other end of the couch)."Oh nothin wakes him up. Don't worry about it", Rex replied dismissively and planted another kiss on me.We started kissing deeply again with our tongues massaging each other as Rex grabbed my dick through my shorts. My dick instantly sprung to full attention with his touch, as it was already halfway there from his sweet kisses. Rex broke away from the kiss long enough to take off his shirt, pj pants and socks and resumed the kiss wearing only his black boxer briefs. I lay back on the end of the couch and Rex laid in between my legs kissing me passionately as he rubbed our dicks together through my shorts and his boxers. I was nude russian marrage agencies so hard I started leaking pre-cum. I was completely lost in passion as I was kissing the boy that I loved more than anything in the world. I free russian sex pulled off my shirt and Rex anxiously pulled russian porn fuck my shorts blackcat russian off. My shoes were already off so I was only in my white boxer briefs at that point. He returned to russian porn passwords his position lying on top of me and kissing photo gallery russian girls me while our dicks rubbed together with only a little bit of fabric between them.He started kissing my neck and then down to my nipples. He kissed down to my bellybutton and then kissed the top of my pubic area as he started to slide my boxer briefs off. russian escorts nudes I was now totally naked as Rex started kissing and licking my dick and balls. He kissed down to my thighs and then down my legs toward my feet. He started to lick my feet from heel to toes and then sucked each toe into his mouth. He savored each toe for a bit and then started kissing back up my legs toward my dick. He licked my balls as I moaned in pleasure russian dark collection xxx and he sucked one and then the other into his russian ukrainian girls nude hot mouth. God it felt so good! He kissed and licked up my dick and then tongued the head driving me crazy with lust. He sucked the head into his mouth and then took my whole dick to the back of his throat. He sucked my dick in and out of his mouth as I felt my cum stirring on the verge of exploding. I couldn't take it anymore and came spurt after spurt as he swallowed it all. He russian underground hardcore held the last spurt of cum on his tongue and came back russian sex dvd to my face to kiss and share it with hot russian girsl me, an act that was becoming a tradition for us. Man I love him!We kissed deeply and then I started to pull him up kissing down his chest and pulling off his boxer briefs. I positioned him sitting on my chest with fucking baby russian his beautiful dick pointed toward my face. I started sucking his dick like a starving person. He tasted so good. I could taste some pre-cum and could tell that he wouldn't last long. I grabbed his butt and pushed it toward my face forcing his cock deeper into my mouth. He went with the motion and started fucking my face nude russian male so excitedly that I almost choked a few times. But I didn't mind as I was in a state of sexual bliss.In the middle of some intense cock sucking and face fucking, I felt something soft brush against my balls, which at first didn't startle me until I small russian nudes realized Rex's hands porno russian thc were busy pushing the back of my head and his feet were at my sides. I pulled away from Rex's dick for a second and looked around him and saw two feet in black socks rubbing my balls and dick. I made a movement as if to move away, but Rex stopped me and said, "don't worry about it. He just wants to try it out russian pornstars I think".I was torn and felt like I should end all of russian boy escorts this, but Jack started rubbing my dick and balls again as Rex shoved his dick back into my mouth to resume his face fucking. I was so hard and felt so flushed. I knew I should stop, but it was too late. Passion had taken me over and I felt like I was going to explode. I would just have to deal with the consequences later.Cute little Jack was laying on his back with his shirt off and hardcore russian mafia his socked feet jacking me off as Rex continued fucking my face. I felt russian diaper like I was going to cum again soon as naturist russian pics I tasted more of Rex's sweet pre-cum flowing into my mouth. Jack grabbed my feet, which were at his sides and brought them to his nude russian boy photography chest. I started to rub his chest with my feet and then he pulled them toward his face. He started to lick my feet as he russian sex photos continued massaging my dick with one of his feet and moved his other foot to russian incest blogs begin to massage my asshole. Jack sucked my big toe into his hot russian brides nude photo mouth as he started to almost enter my asshole with russian insest his russian kids sex pics socked toe. I couldn't believe this russian girl suck cock was happening. free russian pussy There was so much hotness going on I didn't even know where to russian tyflas focus my attention. Just then, Rex exploded in my mouth; spurt after spurt of sweet boy cum. It tasted so good. After a moment's recovery, Rex got on his knees on the angel nude russian side of the couch positioned in front of my cock. He took my cock into his mouth while Jack continued to rub his socked feet on my balls and asshole as he was also sucking my toes. russian nude sports Rex kissed down to my balls and started licking them. He then kissed one of Jack's feet and started licking the black-socked foot. He pulled the sock off of free russian sex photos Jack's foot and started sucking his toes. He licked up and down Jack's foot and russian porn video toes leaving lots of saliva and then returned Jack's wet foot back to my balls to resume the massage. All the while, Jack continued to massage my asshole with defloration russian free his still socked foot. Rex resumed sucking my dick and I thought I was about to explode. Jack changed feet and put the bare, saliva russian topless dancers coated foot at my asshole and russian nude kids pics massaged it with his big toe as he pushed it inside a little. I felt like I couldn't take it much longer. Jack repositioned himself between my legs and started licking my balls as his brother worked my dick. I erupted into Rex's mouth for the second time that night as he swallowed all but the last few spurts of cum, which he allowed to drip down my dick to my balls for his brother to lap up. He then kissed his brother deeply russian orgy sharing my cum as their tongues rubbed together. The two of them then came back russian naturist pics up to my face and kissed me deeply. Rex lay on my russian fuck kids chest as russian bath fucking Jack continued to kiss me. His little tongue tasted tiny naked russian girls so good. Rex pulled Jack's shorts and underwear off and started to rub his butt. Jack then straddled my face and pointed his dick toward my mouth and I realized that everyone had cum but him. That's no fair! So I took his dick adult russian into my mouth and let him fuck my face. He alternated putting his dick and balls in my mouth as he moaned in pleasure. Rex repositioned himself and started kissing Jack's butt as I sucked his sweet dick. Rex licked Jack's hot russian girls kissing ass and started kissing, then licking his asshole. He massaged Jack's asshole with his tongue and started to enter while Jack's dick continued to fuck russian lolkaz my face. Jack started shaking slightly as his dick jerked in dry orgasm. The two of them lay back down on either side of my chest and I wrapped my arms russian woman nudes free russian girl movies around them, all of us spent. We drifted off to sleep on the couch, all three of us in a loving embrace. The end of Part III Please let me know what you think! Do you like the way the story has turned?
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